These vegetables lose weight in two weeks

Everybody will like brinjal, vegetable or even granite food. But the time of eggplant eating may not be about the benefits of your brain. Yes, purple food is very beneficial. Eat it the way you like it It is not only vegetable but also from a health perspective, it reduces your obesity. If it is eaten properly, you will find it necessary nutrients easily. Apart from cooking a vegetable, eggplant can be eaten in other ways and what are the benefits of eating it.
lose weight

Benefits and method of eating eggplant
1- Before cutting a brinjal, keep in mind that does not cut it with a metal knife. Cut brinjal with a stainless steel knife. This will not threaten the chemical reaction between photo chemicals and metal present in eggplant.

2- Very few people will know that regular intake of eggplants helps in keeping cancer away.

3- If you want to lose weight then include eggplant in your diet, it will control your weight. Also, you will lose weight in a short span of time.

4- After cutting an eggplant, keep it in salt water for some time. From this, those compounds in eggplants are finished, due to which the eggplant comes bitterly.

5- Brinjal can be put in any type of dishes such as pizza, pasta or sambhar.

6- Brinjal is rich in fiber and antioxidants. The fiber helps in exiting the toxin present in the body.

7- 100 grams of brinjal is only 25 calories. Brinjal is rich in fiber, it keeps the stomach for a long time.


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