How to relieve back pain

Simple Ways To Relieve Back Pain

back pain

1. Lose The High Heels
The scientific consensus is that the high heels which compress and also damage the lumbar spine, increasing your osteoarthritis and with the degeneration disk disease in the low back. So, the use of high heels definitely affects your back pain and due to this especially most of the women are having this problem. So, it is better to use the high heels very occasionally but not in the regular use.
2. Let the Feet Point the Way
Just like the wheels on a car, your feet should be point straight and ahead when you are walking. The Military or the dance training, or an ankle or any back injury can sometimes result in a sort of the duck walk. which is line up the outsides of the feet along the straight edge of a carpet or the tile floor and to walk along with it to the practice. So, by make your feet straight and ahead to walk, it will save you from the back pain.

3. Stretch The Calves
Tight the calves are a major contributor to the back pain. The tighter and the lower leg, the more one’s gait pattern will whip and the upper back forward and it contributes to the curling of your upper spine. So, adding a daily calf stretch to any of the exercise routines will also help to the better align of the spine.
4. Do The Twist
Each vertebra in the spine which is not only bent forward but the backward and from the side to side it is also rotated. Using of all these natural motions, the twisting of the torso is the least which is used in our culture. The incorporating a yoga spinal twist into an exercise routine will also gently reintroduce your rotation back into our movement repertoire.
5. Get a Better Butt

The main culprit of the low back pain is the weak butt muscles. The Gluten muscles, which do not only stabilize the tail bone, but they also help to support the function of the low back muscles. If the gluts are weak, then the low back muscles will have to work harder than the normal, which is makes them fatigued and sorer. The Squats work well to strengthen the butt.
So, these are The Top 5 Simple ways to relieve the back pain and using of these above mentioned simple points will help you to relieve the back pain. If any Queries or Questions is persist then please comment your viewpoints.


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