Best weight lose foods

Picking sustenances astutely are as essential as the work-out for weight lose. 'Eat more to measure less' can be your thin down mantra. It can be the most straightforward approach to get more fit as you don't have to invest additional energy and exertion.

A protein-rich breakfast of eggs will help you resist hunger pangs. Starting the day with eggs keeps you away from munching fatty and sugary foods.
If you don’t like eggs, oats are the food for you. They are rich in fiber, so a serving will help you feel full throughout the day. Moreover, they have healthy carbohydrates that help burn fat and boost metabolism.


Beans provide soluble fiber to your body which helps in stabilizing blood sugar. Protein and other nutritional content make it a very good option as a weight loss food for women.

Nuts are not just a healthy snack on the run, but also an appetite suppressant. The superfood, rich in healthy fats, helps you to slim down. Munch on a handful of almonds, peanuts, and walnuts when the hunger pang strikes.
Green tea

Sip your way to weight loss with green tea. Green tea hydrates like water and fills you up. Besides, it has the antioxidants that help burn calories and fat.
Citrus Fruits

Oranges and grapefruit are two most common examples of citrus fruits. They don't only have soluble fiber but also contain vitamin C which is important to absorb iron in your body. Apple contains fiber besides other essential nutrients that will make you feel full. 


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