Advice for heart attack patients for winter

heart attack
Heart attack

In winter, Heart attack patients should be careful and take full care of their health. During this time they should take their medicines regularly and avoid morning walks etc. Elderly and vulnerable patients should be more careful. Avoid excessive alcohol. It can make you feel hot, but the body may be more vulnerable to cold weather. Cardiovascular patients should take balanced food and avoid high calorie foods.
In the special session organized for members of the Senior Citizens Association at Fortis Hospital, senior doctors gave a lot of information about this. The members about the dangers of cardiovascular patients during the winter.
 The risk of cardiovascular disease increases in the winter months and it has been observed that the number of patients admitted to hospital due to heart attack, heart failure and stroke increases when the cold wave is accelerating. Such patients are vulnerable to lack of awareness of these hazards. Their activities also increase their risk due to their activities.
Problems with the supply of blood are affected
There may be several reasons for increased risk in winter, but demand for more work from the heart during the winter months is mainly due to an imbalance between the heart's blood supply and the risk factor is also considered.

Avoid High Energy Meals

The trend of high-energy food, such as pini, gajak and calories, to increase the amount of dairy products in large quantities also increases in these days. Excessive consumption of alcohol in winter season also increases the risk of heart attack, because many people consider it a medium to remove the cold. Many times, wearing the right clothes in winter does not even cause danger. In such a situation, many problems arise due to severe cold due to the contraction of the heart and brain arteries.
Heart patients can reduce their risk by adopting these measures-
- Wear clothes well in layers with adequate woolen cloth.
Keep your home warm and protect yourself from winter cold winds.
- During these months, keep your heart medicines in full amounts and keep them regularly from time to time.
- The elderly and the weak patients should be more careful.
- Avoid excessive alcohol. It can make you feel hot, but the body may be more vulnerable to cold weather.
- Take balanced meals and avoid high calorie food.
- Maintaining good hygiene is also important.
- Do not get tired of yourself. Take a morning walk to the afternoon and exercise only in the home or in the warm atmosphere of the gym.
- Wash hands properly and adequately. Winter lu infection can lead to heart problems. Whenever you have a fever or sore throat, contact your doctor immediately.


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