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Advice for heart attack patients for winter

In winter, Heart attack patients should be careful and take full care of their health. During this time they should take their medicines regularly and avoid morning walks etc. Elderly and vulnerable patients should be more careful. Avoid excessive alcohol. It can make you feel hot, but the body may be more vulnerable to cold weather. Cardiovascular patients should take balanced food and avoid high calorie foods.
In the special session organized for members of the Senior Citizens Association at Fortis Hospital, senior doctors gave a lot of information about this. The members about the dangers of cardiovascular patients during the winter.
 The risk of cardiovascular disease increases in the winter months and it has been observed that the number of patients admitted to hospital due to heart attack, heart failure and stroke increases when the cold wave is accelerating. Such patients are vulnerable to lack of awareness of these hazards. Their activities also increase their risk due to the…

How to reduce blood sugar

How to reduce blood sugar
Nowadays many people are getting into the grip of blood sugar. Sugar is taking the form of a fierce disease in our changing lifestyle. Once a person becomes sugar, it produces many diseases. The person who once gets sugars has to spend his life with insulin injections. Insulin vaccines are extremely harmful to our body. If you are thinking that there is no cure for sugar, then you are absolutely wrong.
Today we will tell you that the sugar will end with root, if you eat it every day, these 4 grains will eat. By consuming four granules every morning, the sugar ends with root. For this, you have to take four granary houses with empty stomach water every morning. Apart from this, the makhana is beneficial in many diseases.
• Machines are very beneficial in heart diseases such as heart attack, for that you can consume food with milk daily. • Machines are useful in removing insomnia. • Makhan acts as a panacea for destroying sugar. • In the pain caused by joints …

How to Increase Your Weight

Everybody uses bananas in today's time and him also kays banana with a lot of enthusiasm. Friends, today we are going to tell you how using bananas can increase our weight by up to 10 kg in a month.
This is a very easy and simple way to increase the weight which we are going to tell today. Banana is not expensive. We can buy it easily and can increase your weight gradually.
How To Use- 1- First of all, first of all eat half a liter of milk without mixing 4 bananas well. This will make your body feel very fast and your weight will start gradually increasing.
2- After eating two bananas after lunch, the body fat increases very fast and the weight increases.
3- After doing light warm-up exercises in the evening, mix four bananas in milk again and drink it. By doing this for one month, your weight will increase by about 10 kilos.

Today health tips- Aloe vera is good for ?

Many herbs found in our nature are very useful for our health. One of them is Aloe Vera, which has very medicinal properties. Aloe vera is commonly known as Carpathia, and aloe vera is very useful in removing many diseases of the body. Friends, today we will tell you, the use of aloe vera will end with root. These 3 diseases
• Aloe vera is very useful for stomach-related diseases. It strengthens the digestive system of our body. For this, juice of honey and lemon mixed with aloe vera juice is consumed.
• In hair-related diseases- The use of aloe vera in hair is found to be effective in diagnosing hair problems in the hair and breakdown of hair. Aloe vera oil is used in this for hair.
• To reduce body fat - Aloe vera is also useful in reducing body fat. Aloe vera juice is used for this. Drinking juice of Aloe Vera daily gets diagnosed with stomach fat problem. Apart from this, the development of disease-resistant capacity also exists in Aloe vera.

You may be sleeping with a smartphone, these big health problems

You may be sleeping with a smartphone, these big health problems
Today the life of people cannot be imagined without a mobile phone because it has now become the most important part of their life. But, on one hand, if this has become our most needed, health experts believe that, if you do not use it properly, you may be a victim of radiation from it. Its deadly consequences have been revealed and the result is the Health Department of Cancer and Impotence, the California Health Department has warned that people should keep mobile phones away from several feet away to avoid the risk of radiation.
Cancer between mobile and mental health and the strong influence of people's energies, strong claims, and among the evidence, California has issued a guideline on Thursday to reduce radiation. La Frequency launches mobile phone notifications using radio signals And this radiation puts a deadly effect on our health, especially at the time when somebody is downloading a large file.
In the re…

How to lose belly fat

How to lose belly fat
We all know that protein should be a part of our diet. But many people are unaware of its need and its benefits in the is very useful to lose belly fat. Generally, people believe that it improves your hair and body skin. But apart from this, it has many advantages. Especially this reduces your belly fat very fast. So let us now tell you how to do protein by reducing belly fat.
So much protein
An adult must take at least 60 grams of protein per day. Although we do not actually take protein from 10 to 15 grams every day. Also, when you are taking proteins, instead of taking it in one mile, divide them in equal proportion. That is, eat 20-20 grams breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat.
U do lose weight
Maybe you do not know, but protein is very effective in reducing your belly fat. If you want to reduce your weight as soon as possible, then you must take 60 grams of protein daily. The biggest advantage of protein is that it reduces your belly fat and does not e…

How to reduce your joint pain this winter

How to reduce your joint pain this winter
While a few of us sit tight for the winter season to get help from the mid-year warm, there are other people who are careful about the hostile crisp season. The winter brings expanding scenes of joints torment and hurts for them.

The drop in temperature amid winters makes low air weight and according to therapeutic research, bring down pneumatic force pushes less against our bodies. This causes our muscle tissues to extend and potentially put weight on our joints. A minute in nature, we can barely see this body change to the point that we begin getting vibes of joint disturbance, solidness and swelling, which can irritate our nerves bringing about expanded torment.

Exercise treatment: Regular exercise can positively battle firmness, torment and enhance general prosperity. Exercise-based recuperation or recovery can facilitate your muscle and joint agony. By routinely practicing as prompted by your physical specialist, you can fortify your muscl…

How to care your feet in winter.

how to clean feet in winter

As soon as winters begin, one of the many problems associated with the skin is started one after the other. Like this face, our feet also have to endure many things in this season. With the help of moisturizers and winter creams or domestic methods, you take complete care of the face, but have you ever thought about the feet? Like face, feet also need special care in the winter. This will not only help you get relief from torn ankles, but you will not face any problems associated with your skin during the entire winter. • In winter season, your feet should be protected from cold winds. Because they stack the moisture with your feet and make them dry, so that you may have to face difficulties like broken ankles.
• Do not forget to apply moisturizers on the feet in winter. Vaseline, like fruit cream or petroleum jelly, must be done daily before sleeping. Keep the legs covered properly and sleep well while sleeping at night. This will keep your feet always s…

How to remove the problem of skin dry in winter.

The problem of skin dry is common in a winter season. The skin from your face skin to the feet bursts due to the cold air in the cold. In this case, you need to take special care of your skin. Today we are going to tell you something special about this. Many skin problems in the winter season disturb the person. It is common to have a hand sticking to the feet, to rupture the ankles and to crack in the lips. These things sometimes take a serious turn when staying busy and understanding these things a little. Due to excessive dryness in the body, walking barefoot on the harsh floor, lack of blood, more cold effect and dirt and erosion in the body. If the torn ankles are not taken care of at the earliest, they can break even more. They start bleeding and there is a lot of pain. Similarly, there are other things too. Today we are telling you some home remedies to take special care of your skin during the winter season. Let's know about similar prescriptions, mixing glycerin and rose…

How to lose weight with water

In today's world, everyone wants that they look beautiful, fit and attractive like Bollywood stars. So to look like this, firstly the focus goes to its weight. Who does not control, but now you do not have to worry about it because we are going to tell you a very easy way. So let's know that that way...You still had a joke about listening to how anyone can reduce their weight by drinking water. But Birmingham University scientists have claimed in a new research that if water is consumed properly, then no one can control its growing weight. And can even lower it.

According to Birmingham University scientists, drinking half a liter of water before eating can reduce weight. According to the researchers, it can be reduced by 12 weeks i.e., in 3 months, weighing 4.3 kilos. According to this research, if dieting people drink half a liter of water continuously before eating, it can be very easy to control weight. But those who can not do this continuously, they gain little benefit. …

Best weight lose foods

Picking sustenances astutely are as essential as the work-out for weight lose. 'Eat more to measure less' can be your thin down mantra. It can be the most straightforward approach to get more fit as you don't have to invest additional energy and exertion.

A protein-rich breakfast of eggs will help you resist hunger pangs. Starting the day with eggs keeps you away from munching fatty and sugary foods.
If you don’t like eggs, oats are the food for you. They are rich in fiber, so a serving will help you feel full throughout the day. Moreover, they have healthy carbohydrates that help burn fat and boost metabolism.


Beans provide soluble fiber to your body which helps in stabilizing blood sugar. Protein and other nutritional content make it a very good option as a weight loss food for women. Nuts

Nuts are not just a healthy snack on the run, but also an appetite suppressant. The superfood, rich in healthy fats, helps you to slim down. Munch on a handful of almonds, pea…

How to weight lose in winter?

weight lose is very difficult for winter, Keeping the body solid and sound amid the winter season isn't  as much as a test. Because of the cool in this season, there is lethargy, which is the reason a great many people can't focus on wellness. Yet, it is likewise obvious that on the off chance that you need to be solid, at that point there is no great climate since winter in light of the fact that in this season a ton of products of the soil are accessible and the second exercise will enable you to control your body temperature and weight. Can keep Exercise keeps you stimulated for the duration of the day.

In the event that you are additionally stressed over the expansion in weight in the winter, leave the stresses. You can fit yourself in this season just by changing a couple of rounds of sustenance and supper schedule. These are uncommon 5 wellbeing tips for the winter.

1. Eat according to eat less carbs

Whatever the climate, on the off chance that you need to remain fit at…