If you Want to Lose Weight? Follow These Eating Habits

change your eating habits

 Drink Lots of Water

You’ve probably heard it before but this is one diet-friendly adage that’s tried and true, so start hydrating. Drinking 2 cups of water before eating a meal can help you lose weight. The water helps you feel full sooner, so you eat less and in turn weigh less.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Research shows dieters are more successful at losing weight—and keeping it off—when they eat breakfast. If you don’t already eat breakfast, start. If you are already a breakfast eater, try eating the same breakfast multiple days each week. Repeating the same meals can help you shed pounds, according to research. One of my morning favorites: a whole-wheat English muffin topped with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and ½ sliced banana. This meal delivers a modest 278 calories, along with filling fiber and protein. It’s also portable and ready in less than 5 minutes, so forget about using any "I don’t have time for breakfast" excuses.
 Downsize Your Dish

Studies show that we eat less when we use smaller dinnerware. The theory is that our eyes get tricked into thinking we are eating more because our plate is full, making the food portions look bigger. The result: we are satisfied with less food. Try eating your meals on salad plates instead of larger dinner plates.

 Get enough calories

Too many calories can become unhealthy, but too little calories can be harmful as well. When you deprive yourself of food, your metabolism slows, causing your body to eat away at muscle and hold on to fat, which can lead to weight gain. “Don’t become obsessed and fixated on numbers, but occasionally tracking how many calories you’re getting is a good way to spot check and make sure you’re making health eating choices,” says Mills.

Get enough sleep

Changing your eating habits can be as simple as getting enough shuteye. When you’re tired, you’re more likely to overeat or make poor food choices. Lack of sleep can also mess with the levels of hormones that control hunger and metabolism. Get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night. Here's how you can even lose weight in your sleep.

Plan ahead

If you do have to buy lunch, plan ahead. “Before you head out, take five minutes and think about lunch and the restaurant you’re going to,” says Mills. By deciding what you’ll order ahead of time, you can stick to a healthier choice and will be less likely to spontaneously order something that fulfills a not-so-healthy craving.

Eat earlier

As a society, dinner is the biggest meal of the day while breakfast is often skipped. For dieters, the reverse should be practiced. Consume more calories in the morning when you have the rest of the day to burn them off and can skimp on lunch thanks to a full belly. Dinner should be the light meals  of the day as you’re winding down and preparing to settle in for the night. There is nothing more uncomfortable or worse for your diet than going to bed on an overly full stomach.
Write it down

Start keeping an honest food journal where you write down what you eat and any emotions or temptations you faced that impacted your success. Just the process of writing everything down will help you see what quantity and quality of food you’re consuming and what outside stresses impact your relationship with food.  You can even set a weight-loss goal, save commonly eaten foods, and connect to a weight-loss community.
 Don't eat boring food
Nutritionists are always saying to eat more vegetables, so cook them in a way that takes them from ho-hum to yum. "I even think that steamed veggies can be very boring!" says Ilyse Schapiro, a greater New York City-area registered dietitian. Always incorporate high-flavor add-ons to jazz up veggies, like sauteing with olive oil and garlic, or spraying them with olive oil before throwing them in an oven with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. That way, you don't equate "healthy" with "tasteless," a mindset that will knock you off the veggie bandwagon fast. 


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